Privacy Policy

Information Collection and Utilization 

In addition to basic data, such as your name and email, any details you provide about yourself or how you manage your contacts, are stored on secure servers we manage. 

To analyze it, we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) engines using Large Language Models (LLM), your information aids in improving our services and personalizing your experience. 

Only our contractually bonded and authorized personnel can access it. It is never shared with any third parties, nor published or identified publicly unless we get your prior and formal agreement. 

Your Rights 

As a Swiss company, we abide with the relevant local, national, and international laws and regulations on data protection, from article 21A of the Constitution of the Republic and Canton of Geneva to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

As a user, you retain full control over your personal information. You can view, modify, or delete your data at any time. If you wish to exercise these rights, we will deal promptly with any request you submit to us. 

Technology and Security 

Our solution currently uses the following AI LLMs: 

On secure private instances: Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, Amazon Bedrock Anthropic and Anthropic API, 

On secure private servers: Meta Llama 3 and Mistral.Ai. 

We set organizational and technical security measures to make sure your data is safe and secure; we apply the industry’s best practices (e.g., segregation of duties, access and identity management, continuous encryption of data in transit and at rest). 

In the future, our goal is to give you full control on sharing your data using advanced encryption tools such as the Quantum Code. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the privacy and security of your personal information, or if you want to provide feedback on how to improve our privacy statement or future policies, please contact us at  

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